Partner L2-L11

REAM – REAM SRL (IT) (L2) Ambiente e Territorio Srls (L11)

Associate Beneficiary






The company has been mainly involved in reforestation plans for the region of Sicily. It i also specialized in environmental engeneering management aimed at works in the field of forestry (pruning of forests, equipped  areas, lanes, trails etc.) in the prevention against desertification (examples are interventions in the Comune of Custonaci and Comune of Pietraperzia), in hydroseeding (landfill Termini Imerese, City of Niscemi) and Naturalistic engineering works.


THE  REAM TEAM has lead the activities till December 2019 then the site management has passed to Ambiente & Territorio Srls


Main contact for project implementation:

Francesco Matraxia  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Expert in environmental engineering expert in nurseries. Active since 1990 as Landowner and technical manager. He has previous experience as partecipant in LIFE projects

Project role: Project manager