The project  has created an external expert panel to provide an important independent view of the project criticalities and to expand the expertise available to seek smart solutions to reach project objectives.

The experts have been selected on the basis of their well-recognized experience on climate change, desertification and their impact on ecosystem services.



Mr Alberto Vilagrosa, Spain: www.ceam.es

Senior Researcher. Fundación Centro Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo (CEAM). Ecological restoration of ecosystems, plant ecophysiology, seedling production and stock quality, drought resistance, Restoration of semiarid areas.


Professor Cristina Branquinho, Portugal:

Principal Researcher, Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL). Environmental Pollution, Ecological Management and Restoration, Plant Ecology and Ecophysiology, Environmental Health studies.


Prof Riccardo Valentini, Italy

Professor at University of Tuscia, Italy member of the Euromediterranean Center for Climate Change (CMCC). World leading expert of Climate Change and C cycle. Member of the IPCC board.


Mr Lúcio Pires do Rosário, Portugal:,

Senior Adviser with the Instituto de Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas (ICNF, Stateforest). Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought, Forest management; Management of fauna, flora, natural habitats and natural landscapes; Environmental, impact assessment; Statistics and Information Systems.