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All4Climate – Italy 2021 encompasses the full lineup of climate events taking place in Italy this year. Its goal is simple: to make 2021 a landmark year for climate ambition. Launched by the Italian Ministry for Ecological Transition in collaboration with the World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate and with the participation of the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan, All4Climate aims to foster proactive dialogue on the challenges of the climate crisis and deliver on the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

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Opportunities and challenges to adaptation and sustainable land management in Mediterranean countries under desertification risk

Organizer (LIFE Project Desert-Adapt, Università degli studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Coordinator project) Co-organizer (Università degli studi di Palermo, project partner)

DATE: 30th September 2021

Time: 2.30-4.30 pm

Partecipation: Webinar

Main language of the roundtable: Italian



Roundtable Moderator: Stefano Liberti (Journalist, writer “Terra bruciata” un viaggio in presa diretta nell'Italia che cerca di resistere ai cambiamenti del clima)

  • Introduction to the roundtable (Prof. Simona Castaldi Università degli studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli project coordinator, Prof. Paola Quatrini, Università degli studi di Palermo, partner del progetto Desert-Adapt e del progetto LDA)
  • Institutional greeting from CINEA (LIFE Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation) (Officer CINEA Mrs Guerrini Claudia)
  • New adaptation/mitigation challenges of the agro-forestry sector in the EU Mediterranean areas under climate change (Prof. Valentini Università degli studi della Tuscia)
  • Potentials and challenges to implement sustainable practices of land management: examples from Desert-Adapt experience (Prof. S. Castaldi, Università degli studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli)
  • Videos: Desert-adapt landowners experiences in IT, SP and PT
  • Promoting new policy approaches for adaptation strategies under a changing climate in Sicily (On. Valentina Palmeri deputato del parlamento Regione Sicilia, Vice Presidente Commissione "IV - Ambiente, territorio e mobilità", proponente disegno di legge su agricoltura sostenibile e agroecologia)
  • Importance of cooperative experience in the fight to climate change (Michele Russo (Cooperativa agricola LeGallineFelici, Caltanisetta)
  • Joining forces for common goals Desert-Adapt meets Terra! Silvia Cama (Terra! Onlus, associazione ambientalista per l’uso sostenibile della terra e per la giustizia sociale)    
  • A more resilient and adapted future: MOSAICO (SP) project and Desert-Adapt (EU) working towards a common goal. (Prof. Fernando Pulido University of Extremadura, SP)
  • Connecting the dots (Stefano Liberti moderator)


The link to the webinar and the registration page available soon on this site!


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