Desert-Adapt aims at working in close collaboration with farmers and public bodies to improve the environmental  quality and economical productivity of their land

Based on the proposed methodological approach, the Desertification Adaptation Model Framework (DAM), field project partners have created each a specific DAM model for their land.

If you want to learn more on each case study you can click on the name of the partner you want to visit on the right side of the page. In the course of the project we will post in this page the progresses made by the landowners of our project and learn from their experience. If you want to know more about the methodological approach you can briefly visit the section "DAM Methodology". 



DAM Methodology




L2-L11 REAM-A&T (IT)




L5 Hoyos (SP)


L6 VdFres (SP)


L7 Gam (SP)


L8 Cab Gor (PT)


L9 SAVM Madeira (PT)


L10 SAS (PT)