30th October - 1st November 2017

Action A1

Scoping project sites and technical planning


The Life TEAM: Fernando Pulido (UNEX), Marco Bijl and Wouter Put (FSG) visited the Spanish partners’ site for the pre-scoping action (A1) of the project.

This activity belongs to the group of actions A, i.e. preparatory actions for the correct development of the ‘Desertification Adaptation Model’ which will be consolidated in Action C2).


 Monday 30th October  - Visiting  L7 Farm (“Monteviejo”), Meeting with stakeholders at the farm



 Tuesday 31th October - Visiting L6 Farm (“Lapachales”), Meeting with stakeholders at Valverde city




Wednesday, 1st November, Visit to L5 Farm (“Moncalvo”), Meeting with stakeholders at Hoyos