Rapporto sugli indicatori di impatto dei cambiamenti climatici. Edizione 2021

Report on indicators of the impact of climate change. 2021 Edition (Italy, June 30th, 2021)

The Desert-Adapt project has been included as an example of good practices implemented locally in Italy for the sectors of interest of the National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change in the "SNPA Report (National System for the Protection of the Environment") on impact indicators of climate change ".

The Report (Report SNPA n. 21/2021 – ISBN: 978-88-448-1058-0) is the final product of the SNPA V / 03-02 Operating Subgroup called Climate Change Impact Indicators created as part of the activities of the Italian National System for Environmental Protection. The main objective of the Report was to identify, systematize and populate for the first time in Italy the indicators available at national and regional level within the SNPA concerning the possible impacts of climate change on natural resources and socio-economic sectors. of our country.

The knowledge framework was completed with a selection of good practices to provide some examples of how the indicators were translated into measures implemented at local level to cope with the effects of climate change.


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