4) Final steps, documentation and timeline of the actions  
  Once the final DAM plan is complete all the necessary information, elements and implementation steps can be summarized into the following document to help the land manager through the implementation phase:
  • A MAP of the assigned land for DAM planning helps to optimize functions and Adaptation Measures distribution. The program Google Earth Pro is useful for doing it. Furthermore, it is possible to create layers of information to overlap in order to make decisions or observations. In addition, Google Earth maps can be shared with third parties, and being georeferenced the areas can also be tracked using a phone when going to the field.
  • The implementation plan in a spreadsheet containing all needed elements for the DAM implementation, such as selected functions, list of species, selected Adaptation Measures, number of plants, costs and so on.
  • A brief report summarizing the key steps of the DAM planning phase and outputs to keep track of the main elements we have considered in our plan.