The REPLICATION TOOLKIT is a set of documents made available to replicators to help them to create their own sustainable land management plan which we call Desertification Adaptation Model (DAM).


The REPLICATION TOOLKIT is sent via email to those who sign up as “replicator” in the project webpage and express their intention to prepare their own DAM

here the link:



  • The Manifesto: the declaration of the key principles which drive Desert-Adapt sustainable actions
  • The General Guidelines: a brief explanation of the objectives of sustainable land management in areas at climate and desertification risk, criteria and explanations at the basis of a Desertification Adaptation Model DAM
  • The Replication Manual: a 10 step brief and simple guide to create a DAM plan
  • 11 support files to the manual, for optional use

For any enquiry you can refer to the contacts reported on the project webpage